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Maps of Jardine's Crescent

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay it is very easy to get get Jardine's Crescent, though it is a little hidden behind the big buildings you won't have too much difficulty finding it if you follow how to get to page.

One thing to be careful of is that although this is a street market the Jardine's Crescent is named just that, while the parallel street a few meters away is called Jardine's Bazaar but is just a regular road and not the street market!

The Jardine Matherson company had a very important place in the history of Hong Kong and of Causeway Bay, and indeed is still very actively involved in business here.  Therefore you won't be surprised to find that there are many places in Hong Kong which are named "Jardine something".  As well as the Crescent and the Bazaar, both roads, there is Jardine's Lookout, a prestigious residential district where supposedly the Jardine family kept watch for incoming sailing ships in historic times,  and Jardine House which is the symbolic headquarters of the clan.

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As the market street is enclosed on both sides by tall buildings it is not possible to see it from satellite or "Birds Eye View".