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How to get to Jardine's Crescent

Almost directly outside the MTR exit from Causeway Bay station there is no better way than the MTR.  Take the Island Line to Causeway Bay MTR station and take care to use the correct exit.  Use Exit F and when you reach ground level, there is only one way to go if you enter the Exit F tunnel, then look to your right and walk about 10 paces and you will find the entrance to the street market on your left.

There is a good signpost pointing the way, just outside the brightly lit Bonjour shop on the corner.  The entrance to the market street seems very small and it is possible you won't realize at first that there is a whole street here to explore.

See here?  Just between the stall selling bottled water and drinks on the left, and the stall with ladies' blouses on the right there is a passage that leads into the whole length of the street.