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Gallery of Jardine's Crescent

Here are some pictures of things you will see when visiting Jardine's Crescent in Causeway Bay.  Remember this is the Crescent, not the Bazaar! 

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Lots of clothes for ladies at every stall of course.  Fashions change rapidly but there is always plenty of "office wear" as this is a commercial and business district, not so much for tourists, and so these are things worn by young ladies at work.



Handbags and luggage are always popular!



This "Pro Hair" shop sells products like shampoo and combs from brands normally used by professional salons.



As well as the market stalls the shops along the road include some boutiques such as this one called Uno Uno.



Accessories are also as popular in shops as they are in stalls and hair bands, combs, scarves and more are found.  Increasingly things of interest to tourists such as scrolls with Chinese pictures on are found here.



This book shop specializes in things from Japan and Taiwan and is always very popular.



Found the perfect style of handbag, but need it in another shade?  No problem in Jardine's Crescent!


Tourists looking for I Heart HK T-shirts and similar will be satisfied with this market stall.