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About Jardine's Crescent in Causeway Bay

The street market at Jardine's Crescent is one of the best in Hong Kong, certainly in Causeway Bay and a great place to go to when you urgently need to get that perfect colour matching headband, or a tie to replace one you spilt coffee on during lunch!

Every shopping enthusiast should look at least briefly at the Crescent, while it is not a large as Ladies Market nor as tourist oriented as Stanley Market you'll still find great things and good deals every day!

About jardines-crescent.com

The Jardine's Crescent market street is one of the delights of Causeway Bay for locals and for those few visitors who find it. But so hidden away is it that many tourists visiting Hong Kong miss it which is a great shame.  As there is no association or management of the whole street there has been no one to organise a website, so therefore we have decided to create one so that more people can know about the market.

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